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Location: Priene – Miletos – Didyma
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After breakfast, we reach to Priene. Priene, sets dramatically at the foot of a sheer mountain wall. Priene overlooks the aptly named Meander River. This 2500 years old Ionian city was among the first to be planned with a grid system of streets.

Miletos – These ancient ruins lie on a hill near the Aegean Sea. You can explore the ancient theater, built circa 4th century BC. The theater could accommodate over 15,000 spectators. Then, we visit the well-preserved Bath of Faustina, named after the wife of Marcus Aurelius, who ordered their construction.

Didyma – In antiquity, Didyma was connected to Miletos by a sacred road. We visit the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, one of the largest temples from the Helenistic Period. Despite extensive construction, the temple was never fully completed.

In the end of the tour, you go back to your hotel and stay overnight in Kusadasi



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